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In our February newsletter, as always, you will find a lot of information about Qt technology. Additionally, you will read about a worthy replacement for Google Authenticator and learn how to turn synthetic materials into... 3D printer one. Finally, we will present a 10-second and extremely accurate test on COVID-19.

In this article:


  • Qt 5.15 branch has gone into commercial-only mode. The task where people are trying to organize an open source fork is here: link.
  • Qt 5.14 and 5.15 have broken thread support in QCalendar. If you use something like QDateTime::toString() in a thread - be careful, it can crash! link. This issue is not present in Qt 5.13 and earlier, and will be fixed in future Qt 6 release (maybe 6.0.1).
  • QLogger has seen some updates: link.
  • MS has some tips for template metaprogramming in C++ link, and how to optimize such code link.


  • Apache Superset has reached 1.0 and top-level status at Apache. This is a data visualisation tool for big data - link.
  • Wasmer WebAssembly "engine" is now mature and generally available. It allows you to run WASM outside of a web browser, supports JIT and "real" compilation - link.
  • A summary overview of Rust web frameworks availability, how good (or bad) are they - link.


  • I've recently gone through a system crash on my phone and lost all my 2 Factor Authentication codes from Google Authenticator. I have thus found and can wholeheartedly recommend a different 2FA app: Aegis link. It has more features than Google, looks better and allows you to import, export and backup all your codes!
  • nVidia will add support for resizable BAR (which speeds up texture upload on modern CPUs from AMD and future ones from Intel), it will come in February and only for RTC 3000+ GPUs link.
  • A summary overview of Rust web frameworks availability, how good (or bad) are they link.

Science & others

  • Using a new approach (monitoring relative positions of well-known pulsars) a team has (possibly) detected 2 supermassive black holes orbiting around each other. This is the first detection of gravitational waves not coming from a black hole merger event link.
  • Over 50 countries have agreed to preserve 30% of the planet's surface in order to save biodiversity link.
  • This guide shows how to transform your plastic waste into 3D printing material link.
  • Nuclear weapons are now illegal in international law, but... all countries which actually DO have nuclear weapons, have not signed the treaty. So it's a dead piece of legislation. Let's hope it's a first step in a good direction, though link.
  • UN has added plastic to Basel convention, which means it is now a regulated hazardous waste - with more control, monitoring and regulation attached to it link.
  • New Horizons (the visitor to Pluto a few years ago) has now precisely measured the background glow of the universe (how dark is the "empty" space) and found it to be darker than anticipated link. This sets new boundaries on how many galaxies there can be in the universe.
  • New, big and ancient tomb has been found near Cairo link.
  • We now know it's possible to harvest energy from a black hole link.
  • A seemingly artificial radio signal has been detected coming from Proxima Centauri. Twice! link. The chances that it's an alien civilization are very small, but it is surely exciting!
  • Scientists have developed a very accurate & extremely fast (10 seconds!) test for COVID-19 link.

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