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Milo newsletter - August

Tomasz Siekierda

In the August Milo newsletter, you will find out, among others: why the changes in Qt will affect the QtGui, QtQuick, and QtOpenGL modules, the system that Elon Musk uses in managing its companies, and we will also show you some astrophotos that will take your breath away. We're inviting you to #MiloNewsletter.

Kacper Gazda: I started with Qt development for a small company in Lublin.

Kacper Gazda

Kacper Gazda: we had a client who wanted to destroy Milo. What's the origin of the name Milo? Why did one of the clients want to demolish our company, and another threaten us with millions of dollars fines? Who is the role model for our chairman, and why does he have a note saying Listen to Agata? - our CEO, Kacper Gazda, answered those and other questions, starting the series of interviews - 1...