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It's a big news and advertisement platform for the Education sphere in Australia and New Zealand. The project has 3 subsites, each for different audience: - au.educationhq.com used by educators (teachers, directors and other people related to managing or organizing the education) from Australia. - nz.educationhq.com used by educators from New Zealand. - student.educationhq.com is a site oriented for students. Aim of the site is to provide the most recent and important news in the sphere of education within the mentioned countries. For students it's to prof-orientate them, give any advice on studying etc. Resource is also a big directory for actually advertising different Educational establishments. It has the biggest catalog of educational establishments (including government, private schools and even courses) in the region. Functionalities: Basically, EducationHQ is a big news and advertising platform. The platform is rapidly expanding, thus new features are added all the time. It's main functionality is based on providing users with different information services about Education in different countries/spheres. It's mainly a custom content management system functionality. By default, EducationHQ supports a few types of informational entries: listings (some sort of advertisements made by company in order to promote themselves), news (strictly informational articles), resources (articles with some additional functionality on adding related files/resources/data) and events (informational articles with date-tracking functionality). As every good news site should, EducationHQ provides search with flexible filters that can be changed from admin panel. The platform provides a facility to edit and configure different site features from admin only (thus removing the need to get deep into the code each time something has to be changed eg. menu bar). Frontend widgets within EducationHQ are configurable and many of them can be added or repositioned from the admin page. The platform brings a basic user management system. The user management system is accompanied with a flexible permission system. Thus, different categories of users can have different rights in a flexible manner. Each piece of content (either it's the category or an entry) can have it's individual permissions based on group or even username. Content can be geoIP restricted (be available for users with specific IPs only). The Platform was created in order to provide different paid services, thus integration with two popular payment systems is also in place: it supports Stripe and Paypal. Additionally, EducationHQ platform is integrated nicely with a popular Email Campaign service, named "Campaign Monitor". The platform can be extended with multiple sites that are used and controlled by the same admin, but provide individualized content and data. In case of EducationHQ, you might check two versions of the site: the Australian one and the Student one. They have different menus, a bit different widgets, pages etc. Additionally, EducationHQ platform was used in order to launch another project (by the same company). Main part of the project was finished in September 2015, we're providing support for the site and launching new functionalities since.


September 2015





Jeremy Smart, Julius Larobina