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Jarosław Zbrzyzny

Art Director

I have been involved into design for years. I started as a web designer and, for this reason, I started IT engineering studies at the Wrocław University of Technology. However, I understood that my passion for design is bigger than for programming and, as a sophomore, I resigned from IT engineering in order to undertake Graphics at the Eugeniusz Geppert University of Arts and Design. I finished studies with Master title and ever since I'm involved with UI/UX design. Besides I have numerous accomplishments in non-commercial projects in animation, design and digital printing.

Although, thanks to IT studies, I am acquainted with the front-end basics, I still feel best as a designer. I can use many graphic programs fluently as well as my manual skills.

I am interested in any kind of art, but mainly applied one. In my free time I play some sports, watch movies and meet my closest friends.

Responsive Web Design90%
Web design90%
UI/UX Design90%
Twitter Bootstrap90%
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