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Monika Bartoszek

Chief Accountant

I am an accountant by profession. It wasn't my core subject at the studies though - I Management and Marketing. Along the way, the study of Tourist Service and the first steps in a professional career at a time when it was difficult to find your place. The beginning of the accountant's experience was in 2001 and the helping hand of a person who liked to give people a chance and faith in the future. Now I am trying to pay back this debt and to transfer my experience and acquired knowledge to others.

Accounting, contrary to appearances, is very energetic and exciting. I really like to train and explore difficult issues. Accounting is also the implementation and continuous work on accounting programs, which can do more and more. I implemented the ComArch CDN Optima program and improved XL. I worked in smaller companies and corporations, and since 2014 I have been serving various types of companies, individuals, and the NGO sector (foundations and associations) myself.

Privately, I am the mother of three growing-up children. I like people, music, and trips together anywhere.