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Berenika Walec

English Language Consultant

I come from Stalowa Wola, a small city in southeastern Poland. At high school I decided to study philology. At first, it was supposed to be Polish one, but finally, I took up English philology studies at the Catholic University of Lublin. At that time I became interested in linguistics, especially in the syntax of English. I even started PhD studies at linguistics but after a year I concluded that conferences, writing articles and research work are not my cup of tea and that I definitely prefer sharing my knowledge with others. I have been teaching kids, teenagers and adults English for several years and I really love it! In my life I have also picked up a smattering of German, Russian and Welsh and I would love to master at least one of them.

I love hiking, especially in mountains and I like exploring new places. I dream of travelling to New Zealand, Iceland or Scandinavia. In my spare time I enjoy reading good books, watching good films and above all, spending time with my loved ones.