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Nazar Gerasymchuk

Software Engineer

I am a passionate programmer with strong will to achieve new technological knowledge. My high results in education and professional realization proved the level of my skills and possibilities in critical and normal circumstances. By the way, my experience in Google Summer of Code 2013 made me very disciplined in all programming issues.

I’m a big OpenSource fan and enthusiast. I’m keen on contributing to OpenSource as a programmer and translator. I’m convinced that the knowledge and technology should be in the public domain. There are lots of things we can do to make this world better!

I have a wide spectrum of interests in programming but I have my 10 favourite programming languages. First of all, it is C++/Qt since it has become the best framework for all purposes and the next one is Python (You also count in binary code at home, don’t you? :) )

I have lots of hobbies, among them are reading (A. & B. Stygatsky, S. Lem, H. Lovecraft, V. Pelevin, ...), sound design (playing with the electronic instruments with lots of buttons) and cycling in my typical dayflow.

My projects