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A great company with fast response time providing fast quality work. The team is competent, has a professional working attitude and always asks the right questions, points out problems where it is appropriate and offered us a fair revenue scheme. I'm sure that we will be working together more in future.

Arno Toell, Wavecon GmbH
Germany, Furth

Project Wavecon, Rackonauts

Our project wasn't well defined and there were some minor issues during the development. These were dealt with quickly and professionally and we were very pleased with the final outcome. We will certainly be using them again in the near future.

Kevin Mulherin
Germany, Munich

„We are a web agency based in Germany and working together with Milo Solutions for a couple of month now.The communication with their designers, developers and PM’s is excellent - which is very important when working remote.We are overall really happy also with the quality of work and will do more projects with them“.

Nico Nagel Founder / CEO, Winning Solutions
Germany, Mayenerstr

MILO is a great team to work with. From start to finish they provided us with quality work, instant problem solving, day to day communication and they responded to our requests every time. Our tasks where done on time and budget and communication was flawless. I highly recommend this team!

Wavecon GmbH, Cemil Degirmenci - Board Member
Germany, Berlin

Project Wavecon, Rackonauts

Milo Solutions has a competent and expert team that will help you in system performance optimisation, design and bug fixes. Communicating professionally, the team is always available and willing to help and work as soon as possible, providing feedback on the work in a daily basis. Highly recommended.  

Jim Weisser Co-Founder and CEO, PBXL Inc.
Japan, Tokyo

Project Seiq

After losing our lead developer, Milo Solutions team stepped in and helped us finish up the code and have our app ready for launch in a matter of weeks. Very skilled developers delivering high quality and fast work, will definitely use them again for future updates and projects!

Nils Hellberg, Development Leader VODO
UK, London

Project Vodo

Milo Solutions has done an excellent job, in line with requirements and with great professionalism. Excellent communication and fast reaction when facing obstacles for progress or bugs. Highly recommended

Javier San Roman, CEO & Founder at JSR Ventures
Switzerland, Zurych

The Milo Solutions team has helped transform our minimum viable product into a slick product that we are proud to put in front of our clients. Milo Solutions has both great customer service and very smart developers -something that is hard to find in IT teams these days. Their work is done quickly and implemented correctly the first time around, allowing me to save time and stress. The Milo Solutions team is my go-to team if I need something done well.

Nathanael L. Rosidi, PhD, CTO/Co-Founder
USA, San Francisco

Project DHWidget

Milo Solutions is owned and operated by Kacper Gazda, whose is a very customer-centric and accommodating person. I have been working with an amazing team from Milo Solutions and I am very pleased with the output. In addition to great quality output and timely delivery, this company goes above and beyond to make the customer happy. It was hard to trust a company that you are outsourcing your work to when you haven’t met any of them, or know them, but I am glad I chose Milo Solutions because I now can trust them and recommend them to anyone who wants to get quality work for a reasonable investment.

Ahmed Sidky
USA, Sterling

Project Ready For Agile

Experienced team, doing their work efficiently and with high quality. Definitely plan to work with this company in the future.

Вадим neTpyceB Викторович, Owner at SIA DEVP
Latvia, Riga

Project Wargaming