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A great company with fast response time providing fast quality work. The team is competent, has a professional working attitude and always asks the right questions, points out problems where it is appropriate and offered us a fair revenue scheme. I'm sure that we will be working together more in future.

Arno Toell, Wavecon GmbH
Germany, Fürth

Project Wavecon, Rackonauts

After losing our lead developer, Milo Solutions team stepped in and helped us finish up the code and have our app ready for launch in a matter of weeks. Very skilled developers delivering high quality and fast work, will definitely use them again for future updates and projects!

Nils Hellberg, Development Leader VODO
UK, London

Project Vodo

Our project wasn't well defined and there were some minor issues during the development. These were dealt with quickly and professionally and we were very pleased with the final outcome. We will certainly be using them again in the near future.

Kevin Mulherin
Germany, Munich

As I ramp up my startup and build towards the first release of my website, I was scrambling to look for help to speed up our development progress. Both my partner and I are technical and build much of our website firsthand. But, we need speed and additional hands. Finding a trustworthy and capable programmer is hard, as I found out first hand myself. A first couple of programmers simply didn't make the cut. Then, Kacper Gazda responded my job post and that started a fruitful collaboration between Milo Solutions and us. Not only does Milo have a great set of developers, Kacper is a great CEO who responds to my needs immediately and effectively. During ramp up, he re-adjusted the developer assignment so that we get to work with a capable and reliable programmer fitting for our project needs. This was a significant help. With this help, we were able to release our product in time for the market. I will not hesitate to sign another contract with Milo!

Helen J. Wang Ph.D. CEO & Founder 6crickets Inc.

It's not a process; it's not about deliverables - it's truly about the experience. Once engaged, it's a world driven by innovation, passion and a unique quality that puts our clients first. It's more than an understanding - it's cerebral. When you get it - you get it.

Radek Valachovic, CEO of Python Force

Project Epic Kites

Our company has work with MILO on a front-end oriented web solution. The project was delivered on time, with high quality code and communication was great. We recommend MILO to everyone looking for a reliable software house.

GIS Support Sp. z o.o.
Poland, Lublin

Milo Solutions has done an excellent job, in line with requirements and with great professionalism. Excellent communication and fast reaction when facing obstacles for progress or bugs. Highly recommended

Javier San Roman, CEO & Founder at JSR Ventures
Switzerland, Zürich

We're extremely satisfied with the freelancer hired. We can't wait to work with him again.

Antelope Audio
USA, Santa Monica, California

Project My Antelope

MILO is a great team to work with. From start to finish they provided us with quality work, instant problem solving, day to day communication and they responded to our requests every time. Our tasks where done on time and budget and communication was flawless. I highly recommend this team!

Wavecon GmbH, Cemil Degirmenci - Board Member
Germany, Berlin

Project Wavecon, Rackonauts

When we found ourselves shorthanded on a high-value project, we looked for outside help. We needed someone to work directly with one of our engineers, to dive right into our existing code, and deliver results on a short deadline. We found this in Milo Solutions. Together we completed the product on schedule, and with the level of quality that our customers expect. After initial success on the market we hired Milo Solutions again to work on the next version of this product.

Barnaby B. Senior Engineer and Release Manager Apixio: Knowledge Driven Outcomes
USA, San Mateo

Project HCC