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Milo Solutions excels not only in technology delivery but also in building long-term and sustainable partnerships. The quality of the team is a differentiator that is tough to match. Milo Solutions teams actually care and proactively improve customer's products.

Mohammed Ghalayini, Founder & CEO at Club Ovahi
Canada, Toronto

Project Club Ovahi

Milo have a team of very competent developers and project managers, helping the good flow of work.Communication was always easy and too the point.Difficulties and issues was easy to talk through, understand and solve.Their expertise in Python made it easy to make specifications, tests and track issues.It was a good experience and I definitely recommend Milo for your next project in Python/Django.

Joao Paulo Aires Borras, Project Manager, BroadSoft
Japan, Tokyo

Project Seiq

Milo Solutions has been our Qt software development partner for our core products for many years now. They have proven to have expertise in their field, strong communication skills, supported us whenever it was needed and stayed overtime to produce a demo on demand. I recommend Milo as a strong software house for desktop, mobile and server-side development.

Saeed Rana, Head of Software Development, iBoardTouch Ltd.
UK, Leeds

Project iBoardTouch

  After much research and many quotes from developers worldwide, Milo Solutions was our final choice for several reasons: their promptness in communication, their thorough Project Overview (which outlined all components of the 450 hour project), their impeccable English (there are absolutely zero communication barriers), and their competitive pricing.    As an American Company, one of the most essential elements when first choosing to work with foreign developers was the developers' ability to truly grasp our comprehensive online application. At Milo Solutions, not only are the developers highly proficient in their field but also very intuitive in understanding application requirements and even in making suggestions that improved the quality of our application. Our online application required very thorough examination, and Milo Solutions was able to meticulously evaluate our imagined concept of the application and materialize it with excellence and precision.   For the quality of work and their quickness to complete projects, Milo Solutions offers a very reasonable rate. They respond promptly and attentively to all questions, comments, and concerns.  We have a friend who is also proficient in back end development who did not have the time to commit to our project but acted as a project overseer. He concurred on all of the details that Milo Solutions provided in our Project Overview (from the amount of hours it would take to develop the application to the cost of the project), and he was highly impressed with the coding, efficiency, and thoroughness of the developers at Milo Solutions.  Fear not, with Milo Solutions you are in good hands.

Captain Frith and Andrea Lopez The Raw Collective (Raw Certified, LLC)
USA, Las Vegas

Project RawCertified

The programmers at Milo Solutions are talented, fast and extremely competent, all with an eye towards meeting budget goals. Throughout the development process they kept in touch with us, every step of the way to ensure a product fitting our needs. I had a lot of experience with remote programming teams in the past, and always had problems either with budget, or timeframe. But Milo Solutions stand by their word - we got product right in time and exactly as per discussed budget. I am extremely pleased with selecting Milo Solutions for our programming needs.

Dr. Ace Jeangle Project Manager at bWave Co.
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

MILO is a great IT service provider!

Protein Metrics, Yong Kil, Ph.D. - Senior Software Architect and Co-Founder
USA, San Carlos

The team at Milo Solutions keeps surprising us with the quality of software produced. We have learned to trust in their recommendations as they often save us money and provide a more flexible product in the end. Having a partner that can support the full development of a product is priceless. Whether its cloud development or software for an embedded system, Milo team members worked together to ensure the overall product performed as intended.

T. Gharring, President Bluu Systems
USA, San Jose

Project Bluu / Bluu Systems

Milo Solutions team is excellent. They work hard to understand your requirements from business and product perspectives, and because of this extra effort we are already using them again.

Will Andre, Development & Marketing Executive, Wanderlust Media
USA, Los Angeles

Project Xauto

Wonderful team- smart, efficient, and very honest. Will work with you again! 

Sam Sundaram, Web and IT Manager League of American Orchestras
USA, New York

We are a small startup in the US developing a novel 3D measurement system. We have worked with Milo Solutions on several projects to develop new features for specific customers. In all cases, they delivered high-quality, professional software within the proposed timeframe. We expect to call on Milo Solutions again when we need rapid, focused software development.

Kimo Johnson, Ph.D. Chief Scientist GelSight, Inc.
USA, Waltham

Project GelSight / GelSight UI