Who we are?

Who we are?

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Kacper Gazda

Starting my own company in the IT industry was a very difficult decision. It is often heard that start-ups are great or let's build a startup. But people who find running a startup simple and easy are either ignorant or foolish. I was working with an international IT company with a handsome salary package. Despite that, having $1000 savings, I took the risk and opened Milo in 2010.

That was the beginning of Milo Solutions, the beginning of a beautiful story. We've had many ups and downs in the span of the last 10 years, but we're growing all the time. I sincerely believe that, as a company, we have no constraints, and if we work hard, we can become one of the top IT companies. It's all about people, and if Milo is built by wonderful, intelligent, and hard-working people, then we will become the best IT company in the world. For us... the sky is the limit.

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Kacper Gazda

CEO Milo Solutions OÜ


180 projects

liters of coffee drank

+1000 liters of coffee drank

lines of code

+1 200 000 lines of code

years on the market

13 years on the market

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