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code::dive 2017, Wrocław

Justyna Kulińska

A code::dive conference is an annual event taking place in Wroclaw, Poland. It’s probably one of the most popular conferences for C++ lovers in the region. It’s sponsored by Nokia and surprisingly, it’s still free! So if you haven’t participated in it yet, you definitely should think about this next year. There are even people as determined as Lukas (see his post from the last year here) who d...

Cutelyst on Raspberry Pi

Tomasz Siekierda

I've recently embarked on a quest to try and run Cutelyst on a Raspberry Pi. Turns out the task, although quite time consuming, is very straightforward. In this article I provide a condensed set of instructions on how to do it - plus some minimal background to make it more meaningful.

How to start coding with Bitcoin using REST API

Michał Zyndul

Bitcoin is a relatively new form of currency that is just beginning to hit the mainstream. It is created and held electronically based on mathematics. More specific details about the math behind Bitcoin can be found here: