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How do we work?

Our complete software development process is divided into several stages. We control each and every stage to provide the best possible technology solutions. Our team of experts keeps the communication transparent to avoid any hiccups. We expect the same from your side as well. Based on sincere commitment and communication, we build products that allow you to serve your customers successfully.

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First contact

When a client comes up with his ideas and requirements, we assign a dedicated salesperson who becomes his representative within our technical teams. We discuss the product's vision, the scope of work, and the client's expectations of our company.

Our experts make sure to get a complete understanding of project requirements. We assess the initial functionalities, platforms, target devices, target audiences, available budget, and project completion timeline. Then we check whether the collected information is sufficient to take the project to the next stage.

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Specific questions and use cases

To create a preliminary prototype of an application or product, our sales team defines the specific customer requirements in an onboarding questionnaire. We also define the users and buyer persona to explain how the product will be beneficial to the end-users. At this stage, we translate customer requirements into information and documents that allows our developers to create a prototype and estimate the time and budget for the scope of work.

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Once we have the project requirements and scope of work, ready, we propose to build a visual prototype of the application. For customers who have not dealt with the software development process, this is a crucial stage. It gives both parties a chance to check the feasibility of the product and make any iterations before the development process. Clients with technical knowledge, get a chance to visualize the product before the implementation process.

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Estimation and budget

When we have the project documentation and the visual prototype ready, our team creates a timeline and plan of action for the complete application development process. We also assess all the risks which might come up during the implementation process. We share the final timeline and budget with the client. Once approved, we start getting ready for the implementation process using the discussed communication method.

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After accepting the proposal including the provision of services, and financial conditions, our salesperson signs the final cooperation agreement with the client. The agreement contains provisions regarding the terms of cooperation, specifies the project implementation (provision of services vs. scope of work), and clearly define the expectations for both parties. At this stage, our team has all the information to start the project.

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Communication and reports

During the project implementation stage, our clients receive regular reports and status updates. We assign a dedicated resource to the clients to answer emerging questions or dispel any doubts. It is crucial for us that our clients receive all the necessary information in the course of cooperation.

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What the quote looks like

Hourly rate

  • Requirements analysis
  • Preparation of the scope of work document
  • Sending an hourly breakdown for different modules
  • Sending hourly rates


  • Requirements analysis.
  • Preparation of the scope of work document.
  • Sending hourly estimation + total price.

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