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Postgres crosstab benchmark

Paweł Drozd

For the specific case described in the previous article, we did some comparison tests to check if we have chosen really the best solution. We had a database of rare type (most of the entries for given periods had no values) and for each query about products (usually 100 rows per query) we need to add a different count of additional columns, which were a pivot from a given row relation to anoth...

Postgres optimisation with crosstab

Paweł Drozd

One of the most interesting projects realised in the last year by our Web team was creating a service to analyze our client’s trends and product sales forecasts. They were supposed to be generated from considerable historical sales data with a group of defined indicators taken into account.

code::dive 2017, Wrocław

Justyna Hudziak

A code::dive conference is an annual event taking place in Wroclaw, Poland. It’s probably one of the most popular conferences for C++ lovers in the region. It’s sponsored by Nokia and surprisingly, it’s still free! So if you haven’t participated in it yet, you definitely should think about this next year. There are even people as determined as Lukas (see his post from the last year here) who ...