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Improving code quality

Łukasz Korbel

There is a lot that can be done to improve code quality. I want to mention only about code review. No need to introduce the concept. Still, how to do it in the most efficient way? Who should be assigned as a reviewer? How can we measure a possible increase in code quality?

Web Scrapers

Michał Zyndul

The need and significance of extracting data from the web is becoming increasingly bigger and clear. Internet is full of useful data and it’s not a surprise that we want to store some piece of it for self-usage. But to store something we must extract the data at the first place: Web Scraper is what we need for such purpose.

First design, then implement

Łukasz Korbel

The rule is simple and in general there is nothing to argue about. Writing code by heart is OK if you work alone, don't plan to pass the project to somebody else and the project itself is not very big or complicated. But it does not apply to many - if any - commercial projects. Preparing a good design does not mean we are able to plan every detail correctly. There will be always some changes in...