The application is supposed to analyze the influence of different types of treatment of patients with diverse diseases. Logging into the system, doctors can choose questionnaires they are interested in, which are sent to their patients so that they can fill them in by means of a computer, a tablet or a mobile. Ultimately, doctors will also be able to create and add their own ones, however, this functionality has not been implemented yet.

Filling in questionnaires throughout the entire period of treatment, patients feed their doctor’s database. Some answers are automatically counted, however, some of them, eg. a drawing or a text field answer, require an analysis of a qualified person. Results with a diagnosis are sent to patients, while a doctor, apart from having an access to them, can compare them with those of other patients.

Additionally, thanks to setting a method of treatment, they are able to check and compare the influence of various medicines and therapies. Another functionality is a preview of a map presenting interaction between individual medicines. Doctors are also given a possibility of sharing their database of results with other doctors.

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