Milo Solutions keeps surpassing our expectations. The entire team stands out for their responsiveness to our needs, the efficient contracting process, and the fluid communication. Theirs was the strongest development team for our needs. We look forward to the final product, and hope to continue working Milo Solutions team in further developments.

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Sebastian Kraves

Co-founder, miniPCR bio; Genes in Space


It is an application that serves both novice students and advanced academics. The device is used in DNA laboratories and even at the International Space Station to study polymerase chain reactions. The user can create their own programs by setting parameters such as denaturation, annealing, and elongation temperature. The application has an intuitive programming interface that allows for easy and quick setting of PCR parameters. Real-time animations and graphing enable you to monitor and analyze your DNA experiments. Our team provided a desktop, mobile, and Chromebook application. In addition to English, we took care of adapting the application and translations to French and Polish.

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For each problem, we will find a proper solution.


  • Lack of application that would be accessible to both younger and experienced lab technicians.
  • Problems with the large number of cables connecting the device to the computer.
  • Lack of application that works with chromeOS popular in the US.


  • Development of an application available to every device owner. The application is so intuitive that it does not require any training to use it.
  • Adaptation of the nRF BLE module and integration with the application.
  • Creation of a multi-platform application, also available on ChromeOS.



The client's requirements were based on the previous version of the application, which was also created by Milo. Compared to the v1 version, the functionality has been enriched by the possibility of connecting the office with phones, Chromebooks, and, most importantly, by adding Bluetooth communication.



Milo received general mockups for basic views from the client, which became the basis of other screens.



The entire application was developed in C ++ / Qt. Java was used to communicate with the phone via USB. It is fully responsive and allows comfortable use on the phone, tablet, and computer.



The testing process was extremely demanding as there was no tester on the project for most of the time, so QA had a challenging task to complete. An additional difficulty was the fact that the devices often broke, so they required constant soldering and re-programming of the firmware and Bluetooth. Support for multiple desktop, mobile, and chrome OS platforms resulted in an extended testing process.



The application has been published on the App Store and Play Store. There is also a special version, with new requirements, for individual customers who work with the French language.


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