A GUI for Yuma SDK - allows monitoring and configure netconf servers. Application for Linux, Windows and macOS. Can be used to interact with multiple servers at once, change their configuration, invoke commands, enable and disable YANG modules.

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  • No Graphical User Interface.
  • Non-intuitive functionality for new users


  • Creation of application functionality in a clear and understandable way.
  • Clear and intuitive UI Design.



We started working on YumaBench by learning how the application worked, which at the time, was based on text console commands. Frequent meetings with customers allowed us to understand the main goal of creating a GUI for this tool.



Our task was to create a user interface based on a long-existing console program, which was handled using commands. At the first stage - UX Design - we focused on creating an outline of all functionalities based on a sketch. After accepting the basic prototype, we proceeded to design a GUI that would allow users to find their way into the server support space from the application level instead of the console.



The project was made in Qt technology.



Testing the application was an intriguing task. The application, originally running only in console mode, was rewritten and enhanced with a lucid GUI. One of the elements was to understand the previous version of the application. Our task was to give it full functionality while increasing its potential by putting it in a user-friendly graphic design. The application is designed for Linux, where during the tests different distributions generated quite different problems. During testing, we cooperated with UI/UX department, sharing our feelings while using the application. It allowed us to work out some improvements, thanks to which the application became more intuitive and user-friendly. Manual performance and security tests played here the main role, which resulted in delivering a fast and safe product.


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