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Team scaling

Łukasz Korbel

There is a finite number of people that you can manage efficiently. Maybe it varies from person to person, but there is something about it. If a team is too big, you won't be able to check everyone. There was a time when the Milo Tools team was too big for me and it was frustrating. I had barely time to write code myself spending hours on verification of the work of the others. Then I took Kac...


Jarosław Zbrzyzny

The importance of a good plan and mutual understanding

A PM Tells His Story

Victor Suponev

This is the first in a series of blog posts about project management which will appear monthly.All the PMs in Milo are so called moonlighting managers. We all are developers, or designers, or QA professionals who at some point were called to arms to lead a project along with our daily duties. It may be tempting to hire a dedicated full-time project manager, but for a small company it might lea...