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Why is One-Stop Software Development the Best Option (and How Do You Select the Right Partners)?

Whether you need a customized mobile app, desktop app, web app or an embedded system, the success of your project will depend greatly on the software development partners you choose.

Everything You Need to Know About Embedded Software Development

If you’re looking to develop software to control the specific functions of any device other than a computer, you’re probably looking at an embedded system.

7 Key Differences Between Mobile and Desktop App Development

It’s no secret that mobile app development has seen a huge rise in recent years. The whole world’s turned mobile and the Google Play Store gets updated with over 3,700 new mobile apps daily.

What is the Custom Software Project Life Cycle?

When a custom software development project goes well, the application is ready to be deployed on time, on budget and with the minimum of hiccups along the way.

8 Tips to Ensure Your Custom Software Development Project is a Success

Custom software development projects are often mission-critical for businesses. Whether you need to automate an industrial process, develop a new online gaming concept or offer a new service to your customers, it’s essential to prepare and plan the project for the best chance of success.

9 Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development

The huge size of the IT outsourcing market in Europe (over $100 billion) is likely no surprise to anyone reading this but why are more organizations choosing to outsource software development projects?

What is DevOps?

The DevOps methodology is focused on cooperation between employees so that, where possible, programmers, testers (Dev), and operational staff (Ops) participate together at every stage of software development. The goal of this approach is to understand the value of collaboration among all participants in the product development cycle - from design, through development process, to production support. All while applying Lean and Agile principles throughout the supply chain.

'The Milo Solutions team is very impressive'

The most impressive things about Milo are that everyone is very sharp and they're excellent communicators. - says Mark McDonough, CEO of GoDeeper, our client from whom we received another review on Clutch!
Newsletter January 2022.png

Newsletter Milo - January

In the January newsletter you will find information about the new compiler from Qt Company, extended patches for Linux, or the new QOI image format, and - as always - a lot of news from the universe.

Providing data visualizations with Tableau

Developing information systems, we often meet the need to process data of various volumes. However, the stored data alone rarely can provide the necessary information to the user, especially not possessing special knowledge in the field of information technology. For the best perception, the data must be interpreted in a convenient form. The most suitable forms for this are various reports, as well as, of course, visualization - graphs, charts, maps and infographics that Tabelau allows.
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