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In the January newsletter you will find information about the new compiler from Qt Company, extended patches for Linux, or the new QOI image format, and - as always - a lot of news from the universe.

In this article:

Qt news

  • Microsoft posted an informative piece on how they used consteval from C++20 to prevent a whole class of bugs from happening in their compiler.
  • QBS 1.21 has been released, with an impressive wealth of features and fixes!. Good to see that this project is not dying!
  • Delayed, but Qt 6.3 Alpha version is out with many new goodies. QML TreeView is now an integrated component.
  • Qt Company is also releasing the new Qt Quick Compiler: this will compile parts of QML code into C++ and can give up to 30% performance gain in application startup and at runtime. For now, this is all only a Tech Preview, with a bit more stuff visible to commercial license holders. But it will be released together with Open Source Qt 6.3, too.
  • QML extension for Visual Studio Code.

IT news

Science and others news

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