While the project is still underway, Milo Solutions has executed excellently. They’ve managed to meet or exceed all expectations, delivering high-quality output at a faster rate than any other provider the client’s ever worked with. They’re an extremely speedy and exceptionally communicative team.


Charlene Armour

Founder/CEO, Armour (Global) Ltd


The project is used to generate reports for companies on compliance with legal requirements. By answering the questions, he can check which requirements he meets and which he does not. This allows to plan work related to the fulfillment of all legal requirements for a given activity. The services are paid, but there is a possibility of a free trial period.

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  • Non-standard design - the designers didn't assume the use of standard components, boostrap add-ons - many of the UI elements were customized.


  • Introducing changes in consultation with the client.



The design team prepared wireframes for the client, which were implemented.

During the implementation work, some changes in the requirements occurred, and the web team - after the client's approval - modified the layout of the application.



We began work on the project by creating a low-fidelity prototype in consultation with the client. Our goal was to test the usability of all functionalities assumed in the project. The next stage was to prepare a prototype of the graphical interface. The whole graphic design was created from scratch, from creating the structure of the application, through all the components, to the responsiveness. An additional task that was entrusted to us was to prepare the design of the application's website.



The web application was developed in Python/Django/Javascript.



Overall testing revealed payment and subscription hold issues that were quickly reported and fixed - the problem resulted from the fact that different subscriptions were not originally set up.



Projekt został wdrożony w 2020 roku zgodnie z ustaleniami z klientem.


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