Milo has become Infinilytics’s UI Development Outsource Partner due to the hard work, dedication and going above and beyond. Their developer Sergey has a great attitude and is very creative and in true terms a great consultant to work with. Jaroslaw is a great designer and very creative with his designs based on our requirements. Kudos to both. We are very glad we found Milo. Please keep it up Milo and thanks to everyone on helping us meet our goals and objectives, especially for a start-up like ours.

Sri Ramaswamy

Sri Ramaswamy

Founder & CEO, Infinilytics Inc.


SmartC is a unified advanced analytics solution that accurately and efficiently validates claims. SmartC uses Infinilytics patent-pending ARM approach (Pattern Analysis, Pattern Recognition, and Pattern Matching) to accomplish this quickly and distinguish the claims that should be fast-tracked for happier customers.

SmartC (sri) SmartC (sri) SmartC (sri)

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