MILO hit the ground running on a mature project and integrated well with an existing team. Clearly experts in Qt framework, they quickly raised areas of improvement in our code base, resulting in performance improvements over several weeks. Their written communication has been stellar, such that the 9-hour time difference has not ever been a bottleneck.

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Andy Cheng

Project Manager, Soloshot


Chirp is an automated clip editor and publisher made for the Soloshot cameras, which were designed for recording clips without a cameraman. The camera follows a tagged user, and apart from the picture, it also records their position using Google Maps.

The application scans video files recorded with the Soloshot camera in search of specific events such as movements or accelerations. Then it gives its users the possibility of cutting a clip without the necessity of looking through the whole footage so that it contains only desirable parts. The final video can be published on some social media like Facebook or YouTube directly from the application. Chirp also uses Google Maps API in order to select the areas visited by users.

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