A great company with fast response time providing fast quality work. The team is competent, has a professional working attitude and always asks the right questions, points out problems where it is appropriate and offered us a fair revenue scheme. I'm sure that we will be working together more in future.

Arno Toell

Arno Toell

Project Manager, Wavecon GmbH


Wavecon was a two parts project. First part was creating a hosting management panel for end users, second one was a Rackonauts website and logo design. Hosting management panel for end users is used to manage domains, IPs, servers etc. It was created using Django and AngularJS. For this panel an internal API was implemented to manage the underlying server infrastructure. Project also features a long polling subsystem based on Tornado and SockJS. Rackonauts was a CMS based system that was intended to be provider's home page. MILO created a website layout design and logo design, also PSD files were converted into HTML/CSS and integrated with Django.

Rackonauts-server.jpg rackonauts-cable-into-switch.jpg rackonauts-hardware.jpg

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