The project involved a website that lists car dealerships and their employees. The main idea behind the site is that users have the possibility to provide feedback about the dealership and the salespeople. Additionally, customers can interact with the salespeople.

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  • Lack of application associating dealers on the Polish market.
  • Lack of possibility to filter the best car dealers.
  • Lack of standardized descriptions and categories among car dealers.


  • Developing an application associating all dealers, regardless of the car brand sold.
  • Creating an extensive system of positive and negative opinions, with a 5-grade level of assessment for entire dealerships and individual employees.
  • Making unified standards of categories and facilities held by the dealership.



We got brief documentation from the client, and the Design team prepared mock-ups in close contact with the client.



We created an application map, UX of the application, and clickable UI prototype along with a responsive version for tablet and mobile. The portal project consisted of a website - search engine, user profile, dealership profile, and user account. The second component of the project was to design an administration panel for car dealership owners and their employees. The administration panel was designed according to the roles of employees.



Backend to the website was built in Python/Django using Wagtail framework as CMS. The frontend was built using HTML/CSS/javascript technology.



The testing process began with creating test cases for the entire project. Then, due to the nature of building the project, the entire developed project was tested by the QA team. Any corrections were reported to the development team and checked again after receiving the fix.


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