Direct is a messenger designed for people who require security and confidentiality. Users can communicate via text and voice chat and have the ability to record voice and video messages, and all calls are encrypted. The application has a number of settings that allow you to adjust the security of the application to your needs.


  • The function of transferring files to applications with the possibility of encrypting attachments.
  • "Flash mode" conversations - messages disappear automatically after a specified time, for example, 30 seconds.
  • "Private chat" conversations - To join the conversation, the user must know the password set by the conversation administrator. Moreover, after the conversation is over, the entire conversation history is automatically deleted. "Panic password" function - protection against a situation when an unauthorized person forces the user to run the application or give a password. If the password is set as a "panic password," the application can, for example, delete the account, all contacts, messages, files, or notes. In order to increase security, the application gives the possibility to set a password when the user wants to enter the folder with saved files or notes.
  • We can specify the time after which our conversations should be automatically deleted.
  • Traditional text, voice, and video conversations with a recording function, as well as the possibility to create group conversations and notes.
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  • Lack of privacy in business conversations.
  • Insufficient security of information exchange in existing applications.
  • Too easy access to private account history.
  • Too lengthy storage of private messages in the archive, which significantly reduces the confidentiality of calls.


  • Encrypted connections and messages that affect the security.
  • Encrypted connections and messages that affect the security. All communication is encrypted several times, so only authorized users will be able to read the message - no one can decrypt or read them, including administrators.
  • Messages are automatically deleted after a specified time.
  • A special mode allows users to clear the entire account on demand quickly.



In the course of implementation, the customer sent a demand for additional functionalities that we realized. In parallel, the Design team prepared User Interface projects. Suitable solutions were implemented in the project.
Discussion with the client concerning the improvement of UI/UX. Preparation and design of mock-ups by the Design team.



Direct is a skin for the EIM project. We have performed UX analysis - for the existing mechanism, we designed a new layout, which is intuitive and easy to use for the client. We developed prototypes: low-fidelity and high-fidelity, and conducted tests on users. For this project, we also designed a logo and created a naming.



The User Interface was created in QML and the whole application logic in C++/Qt. The web backend was developed in Python/Django technology and the frontend in HTML/CSS/JavaScript/JQuery.



Based on previously defined functionalities and guidelines, test cases were prepared, which were performed after major changes in the application and releases of new versions. The Direct project included: functional, smoke, exploratory, regression, and acceptance tests.


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