Food Planner is an application that helps to take care of the correct calorie content of meals during the day. We can calculate our daily caloric demand according to our physical parameters and physical activity. It also gives the possibility to plan meals based on a list of dishes or create our meals by selecting individual products. Additionally, the user has access to the history of meals and statistics that allow monitoring any progress, that is whether the assumed criteria are maintained.

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Our design work started with brainstorming on what its main functionalities should be, what would help future users, and what they may expect from it. Based on the research, Agnieszka suggested a user path and use cases. We started the design from a low-fidelity prototype, which was later verified through tests with users. These dispelled our doubts about certain functionalities. The next stage was a high-fidelity prototype, which allowed us to specify the final functionality, content in the application, and location of these elements. The final product was Full UI Design. We completed everything within 90 hours.

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