Desktop application for Windows, Mac, Linux supporting company management. It has a modular structure, where each component has a separate function.

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For each problem, we will find a proper solution.


  • Lack of a single application that brings together so many functionalities to manage a company in one place.


  • Creation of Admin module allowing administering access to other modules,
  • Database module for managing data about companies and their employees,
  • Schedule module for planning workflow and log time,
  • Inventory module for storing inventory information,
  • Sales module for supporting the sales department,
  • Project module for managing projects,
  • Finance module providing invoicing services and tracking project financing.



The work started with rewriting the application, then we planned the implementation of customer comments taking into account the previously presented project. The next step was to adjust the modules to the proper view of the application.



The design department, taking into account the number of functionalities in many application modules, focused primarily on the intuitive use of this tool. This approach allowed us to create a coherent and functional program.



Client: C++/Qt, SQLite Server: C++/Qt, MySQL



We created a test scenario based on the functionalities available in the application. All test cases are regularly checked with every change in the application. We update the test scenario with every introduction of new functionalities. Manual tests of the key functionalities, mainly in the financial module, are supported by the automatic ones.


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