A web application that facilitates online sales and furniture production management. An important element of the project is the implementation of the 3d ShapeDiver JS editor with the ability to view and configure the furniture using previously defined parameters. We added a dynamic product price calculator so that the customer can see changes in the price in relation to changes in the parameters or materials of the furniture. The application also has facilities for the production process itself, because based on the configuration purchased, we generate a production process with a list of all furniture elements and their dimensions. We also export help files and diagrams needed in production.

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  • Lack of possibility to purchase custom furniture online easily.


  • 3D furniture configurator with dynamic price calculator and possibility to purchase online.



The web application was designed on an ongoing basis, along with the demand for new functionalities. The appearance of the interface was based on the guidelines and the brand book provided by the client.



The web application was created in Python/Django/Javascript, and to generate and configure 3d models, we used an external ShapeDiverJS service.



The most troublesome thing to deal with was the correct display of the 3D model and its scaling after changing parameters.



The application was delivered on time, meeting the customer's requirements. For a long time now, we have been systematically implementing new versions of the application, which extend the current functionalities.


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