SeeMenu is a mobile application, the main goal of which is to accelerate the customer's decision-making process through easy access to the visual menu in the restaurant. The emphasis was placed on the intuitiveness and legibility of the mobile application. The aim was to enhance the positive feelings of the end-user.


  • Advanced restaurant search and filtering.
  • Clear and intuitive interface.
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
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For each problem, we will find a proper solution.


  • Inability to check the availability of restaurants meeting a user's specific preferences.
  • Limited possibilities of previewing dishes in the menu.
  • Insufficient possibilities of displaying the restaurant.
  • Limited ability to filter restaurants in terms of, among others: decor or cuisine type.


  • Possibility to update the restaurant menu with, for example, seasonal dishes.
  • There are photo galleries of the dishes that help you make more conscious decisions.
  • Restaurateurs can add photos of their own premises.
  • The presentation of restaurants and dishes in the photos supports decisions among customers.



At first, we conducted surveys, which were addressed to restaurateurs. After receiving the results, we were convinced that there is a demand for this type of application. We also used additional suggestions from restaurateurs, which significantly influenced the advertisement of the application and broadening the target group. The second study group was the customers who checked how such an application would help to speed up the decision-making process in restaurants. The result of this research was to determine the basic functionalities of the application in mobile and web versions. At this stage, a sales and marketing plan was also established, which concerned the method of promoting the application (e.g. at trade fairs), sales activities, and building a database.



At this stage, we took care of building the brand image - branding, including the logotype, marketing visual elements (leaflets, banners, roll-ups), coherent, clear, and intuitive User Interface - Branding & UI Design. The primary assumption was to create a recognizable brand on the market, which stands out from the competition, and it was achieved through reliable research on the target market.



We decided to create a mobile application using React Native (Javascript/Typescript) web technology, which has become very popular as it allows us to produce one application for iOS and Android. We developed it in Python/Django and some of the front-end modules in Vue.js. We could use the same API for both mobile and web applications, which optimized our work time.



Even at the programming stage, the Quality Assurance department regularly tested the application. Thanks to them, the team was able to focus on the tasks in a balanced way. Testers of the mobile application received the most current version of the application the day before the start of planning activities. As a result of changes accepted by the testers, another version of the application was released. Apart from manual and automatic tests conducted by the QA team, our developers also prepared tests for code coverage. In the meantime, API tests were also conducted. In the later stages of work on the project, we also started to carry out integration tests, from which we switched to system tests consistently and smoothly. At the end of all development work, we performed acceptance tests. Meetings of the entire implementation team were an important element, thanks to which it was possible to keep control over the progress of work. It allowed us to detect problems on an ongoing basis and prevent any possible delay.



The project was carried out as expected, and the final product was accepted and delivered to the customer. All functionalities are fully functional, which was confirmed by numerous tests, both manual and automatic, which showed no errors. The structure of the project allows for easy extension of additional functionalities in the future.


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