'The Milo Solutions team is very impressive'

Milo Team

Milo Team


The most impressive things about Milo are that everyone is very sharp and they're excellent communicators. - says Mark McDonough, CEO of GoDeeper, our client from whom we received another review on Clutch!

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Needs and solutions

As part of cooperation with Mark McDonough, we undertook the creation of a mobile application for developing meditation skills using the Muse device. It is intended for both regular users as well as coaches and meditation masters. What makes the project stand out is the extensive options for choosing the right protocol and analyzing brainwave flow.

We proposed a solution in the form of a choice of multiple protocols and levels of meditation that corresponded to the needs and conducted experiences of the user. Another thing was the graphs allowing you to analyze the sessions and track your progress. In addition, we created an extensive brainwave analysis for trainers.

'We selected Milo because they could do back-end work, front-end work and had a UI/UX talent to prototype designs. Their English was excellent, and they have someone on the team who is completely in touch with the client'. - McDonough writes in his review.

Design work

Before we started design work, we reviewed the specification from the client and met the technical team in England. Together, we planned the architecture and the beta version. During the design phase, we made quite a few changes to the design UI received from the client. After determining the final version of the application's appearance, we moved on to development. 'We had a full-time front-end programmer, a back-end programmer, and a UI designer for many months'. - adds the CEO of GoDeeper.

Current status

At the moment, the GoDeeper project is in the testing phase in the Quality Assurance team, and the cooperation with Mark McDonough is exemplary, as emphasized by the interested person himself - the most impressive thing about Milo is that everyone is very sharp and they're excellent communicators. Having a dedicated person in charge of staying in touch with the client is very impressive.

While the project is still ongoing, Milo Solutions has demonstrated fast communication skills. They update the internal team on a regular basis, assigning a dedicated resource to communicate with the client. Their quality of code is also strong in addition to their competitive rates. - added the CEO of GoDeeper at the end.

Here is the full review at Clutch.

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