The Altitude Centre project is a set of applications created for a specialist gym in the UK, whose clients (Olympic medalists, famous sports clubs) train in conditions imitating a high mountain climate so as to increase their body's capability, acclimatize to special conditions or just exercise for rehabilitation. The applications, among other things, manage oxygen availability and check clients' capabilities.

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The project consisted of several stages. The first one was creating two applications:

  • a desktop app, working on Windows and Mac OS X, enables to configure training sessions and to display the data retrieved from sensors on an athlete's body in real time;
  • a Raspberry Pi app, used for retrieving and saving the data from the sensors during a training in real time. It supports a range of data traffic technologies: USB/VCP, Bluetooth and ANT+.

In the subsequent parts of the project, this functionality was incorporated into the desktop application. Thanks to that, one application deals with all the sensors operation.



The second stage of the project was creating a responsive website with a graphic design. The web page consists of three parts:

  • all the functionalities available after logging in, for instance users management, reports creation – implemented in Django;
  • the whole page, except for the shop and the part available after logging in – based on Wordpress;
  • the internet shop with the Paypal payments – integrated with Mindbody and Magento.

Our last task was to update and redesign an application used in The Altitude Centre POD – a training chamber, which imitates high-mountain conditions. The chamber is mainly used by high-mountain climbers. Are you planning to climb Kilimanjaro? The chamber will allow you to accommodate to such specific conditions as well as to increase your body's oxygen capability. The application controls the whole chamber and includes such facilities as a movie player.



An important function of the whole system is reports generation. The reports are divided into 4 types - the first one, generated by the Qt application, is available for downloading on the website and the next three ones, generated in the web part, can be downloaded on the website after logging in and after being generated by the gym employee:

  • Training report – collects the data from a training session (pulse, aeration, the data from a spinning bike), generated at the Qt application;
  • Exercise report – usually generated after a first training session, it checks a user's capabilities;
  • Mountaineering report – generated from exercises preparing users for high mountain expeditions, for instance, climbing Kilimanjaro;
  • Health report – generated for those who train in the gym for health purposes.

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