Run It Once is a desktop online poker application with a variety of functions. Great emphasis was placed on appealing colors, numerous animations, and the comfort of using the application - the user can easily manipulate the layout of the game tables, which is quite important for advanced players. At present, it is possible to play two types of poker - Holdem and Omaha. Currently, supported platforms are Windows and OS X. The application has an auto-update module that provides immediate access to the latest version of the software.

Run It Once Run It Once Run It Once


For each problem, we will find a proper solution.


  • Unstable implementation of individual application modules.
  • Low performance of client application.
  • The application's reliance on Qt Widgets adversely affects animation and development speed.
  • Poor server performance.
  • Low quality of source code.
  • Demand for new functionality.


  • Stabilising existing functionalities. Repairing bugs or rewriting a given solution.
  • Verification of correct application operation and optimization in terms of resource consumption.
  • Reconstitution of a significant part of the application to QML.
  • Numerous code refactoring/use of asynchronous REST API queries.
  • Focus on code quality - Accurate code review when publishing pull requests.
  • Implementation of new functionalities according to design guidelines.



The RIO client was responsible for creating the graphic interface. Our role was to make the front-end of this project as accurate as possible, so that it would match the design assumptions. We focused on the quality and responsiveness of graphic elements.



The technologies used at the web application include: C++/Qt, QML, TCP, WebSockets, REST API, Protocol Buffers, cpprestsdk, gtest, google breakpad, PHP, REDIS.



Since Run it One is a financial application where the real money is used, special attention was paid to the security and financial logic of the game. An organized team of testers mainly performs manual tests to best empathize with the role of the user. The testers try to adapt to the conditions in which players use the application, such as travel on a train with mobile internet, various devices, and hardware configurations. It translates into application reliability and customer satisfaction.



The application was delivered on time, in accordance with the client's requirements. Systematic tests and implementation are carried out in connection with new versions of the application.


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