blink(1) is a light indicator, designed in the spirit of our favorite old school Unix tools: simple, flexible, and robust. It is compatible with the USB 1.0/2.0 port on nearly every device. A data cloud or events on your computer can be connected to a full-color LED, which will inform you about what is happening on your decive. It will blink when someone mentions you on Twitter, sends you an e-mail or a web page has changed.

It works with IFTTT.COM. blink(1) is a cross platform device working on MacOS, Windows, Linux and Raspberry PI, and it is also programmer-friendly. The blink(1) app has now a completely new interface, which is tailored to users' requirements – it is simple, functional and intuitive.

Blink (1).jpg Blink 2.jpg Blink 3.jpg

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