BoostWorx is a Django/Qt cross-platform application, created for our client from Cairo. This tool is used for convenient real estate management, thanks to storing all the information in one easily accessible place. Its advanced search options simplify the process of finding a dream property. Every real estate has its unique ID, which is extra useful whenever a client comes to an office to buy a property – they don't have to describe it, all they need is its ID.

Another practical feature is the possibility of adding photos and all documents directly through the app (mobile version allows to take a photo and upload it, desktop version allows scanning documents). Adding, editing and deleting properties by admins and managers is easy thanks to a legible graphic design. The frontend was built in Qt technology and for the backend we used Django. The frontend part is independent and can work offline. The backend is mainly responsible for synchronizing data and managing the license. For this application we created a REST API designed for a safe and reliable communication between the frontend, backend and database, which makes BoostWorx easy to expand. We also created a graphic design for this application.

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