The team at Milo Solutions keeps surprising us with the quality of software produced. We have learned to trust in their recommendations as they often save us money and provide a more flexible product in the end. Having a partner that can support the full development of a product is priceless. Whether its cloud development or software for an embedded system, Milo team members worked together to ensure the overall product performed as intended.

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Todd Gharring

President Bluu Systems


Bluu is a prototype application being the key component of an innovative platform developed for Bluu Systems Company. The platform is an enhancement of a smart house idea - here technology is not only focused on inhabitants' comfort but also their safety, especially in case of elderly people.

Thanks to the system of sensors integrated with a highly specialized application, developed by us (in the Qt technology) actions like: doors/windows/refrigerator opening, movement, going to bed, as well as parameters like: weight, sleep length or inactivity time are continuously registered.

The gathered data is then sent to the central server, where it undergoes further processing (with the use of the Python language) and displayed on the web page (developed with the Django framework) as statistical charts and alerts that are used to warn a family that, for example, grandfather stays in bed for too long. The whole system is fully managed from the web panel and is used by the Bluu employees, companies that perform system installations in houses and by monitored inhabitants and their families.

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