Mias is an application designed for the Zeutec's SpectraAlyzer embedded systems, programmed in Qt 5 for Raspberry Pi. SpectraAlyzer is a line of Near-InfraRed Spectrometers for routine laboratory analysis. One of them is SpectraAlyzer grain, which is dedicated to analyze the composition of samples using the Near-InfraRed absorbance characteristics of the sample spectre. Thanks to this device, all possible parameters of e.g. grain products, such as protein, moisture, oil, ash, hardness and water absorption can be analyzed simultaneously. We were tasked to create a part of the backend for this application in Qt 5 and the UI design in QML. We implemented, among other things, the database of products with the possibility to add and edit them, as well as products parameters calculation (with the math provided by the client). This software supports external devices connected via a USB port. Entering the data and operating the application are performed with a full touch screen.

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  • Need to run specialist software on a personal computer and connect external hardware for analysis (potential configuration problems, need to install hardware drivers).
  • Need to connect pointing devices.
  • Complex specialist software.
  • A variety of analysis methods depending on the type of tested product.
  • Need to compare the results of previous analyses with the last one.


  • The application running on the Raspberry Pi platform with a connected touch screen. It enables interaction with the specialist equipment directly from its level, with no need to connect it to a personal computer, which always requires additional configuration.
  • The touchscreen and the on-screen keyboard built into the application allows for operating the software without having to connect a mouse or physical keyboard.
  • A simple and intuitive graphic interface based on Qt Quick allows quick access to the most frequently used functionalities. Running the analysis requires only a few clicks.
  • The product database with the assigned configuration makes it easy to run the analysis calibrated for a given case.
  • Database storing the results of previously performed analyses.



Our team joined the project that was already in the development process. A team of 2-4 C++/Qt developers worked on the project implementation. We received from the client a device that allowed us to test the flour parameters.



The team focused on developing software for the Raspberry Pi microcomputer running on Linux. The application itself was developed in C++ and QML languages using the Qt version 5 framework. Our responsibilities included:

  • implementation of the graphical interface on the touch screen,
  • integration of the graphical interface with hardware drivers prepared by Zeutec,
  • development of a built-in database based on MySQL engine,
  • completion of technical documentation including implementation details with the Doxygen tool,
  • preparation of the database model in MySQL Workbench software.

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