Mias is an application designed for the Zeutec's SpectraAlyzer embedded systems, programmed in Qt 5 for Raspberry Pi. SpectraAlyzer is a line of Near-InfraRed Spectrometers for routine laboratory analysis. One of them is SpectraAlyzer grain, which is dedicated to analyze the composition of samples using the Near-InfraRed absorbance characteristics of the sample spectre. Thanks to this device, all possible parameters of e.g. grain products, such as protein, moisture, oil, ash, hardness and water absorption can be analyzed simultaneously. We were tasked to create a part of the backend for this application in Qt 5 and the UI design in QML. We implemented, among other things, the database of products with the possibility to add and edit them, as well as products parameters calculation (with the math provided by the client). This software supports external devices connected via a USB port. Entering the data and operating the application are performed with a full touch screen.

zeutec-cereals.jpg combine-zeutec.jpg zeutec-cereals-1.jpg

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