For the 10th anniversary of Milo Solutions, we decided to revamp the image of our website. The changes concerned not only image issues, but also functional ones. We put particular emphasis on contact with our potential customers through an interactive contact form, thanks to which we try to understand the needs of the person filling it. Additionally, we took care of better exposition of our projects, which are the real value of Milo Solutions.

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For each problem, we will find a proper solution.


  • Low conversion rate of the website to sales leads.
  • Low intuitiveness of website navigation.
  • Lack of valuable content.
  • Lack of information about the services that we sell.


  • Improved navigation.
  • Facilitated communication with customers.
  • More appealing portfolio.
  • Modern look.



The preparation stage started with conducting extensive research and analysis. With the sales and recruitment team, we determined the goals and the impact of the website on their work. We also took into consideration the kinds of users and their needs. These analyses allowed us to plan the outline of the website, the amount and type of content before designing it.



We performed competitive analysis and analyzed Hotjar footage. We wanted to completely refresh the image using the latest trends. While designing, we also took into account user experience and focused on new functionalities that the previous website didn't have. We cleaned up the portfolio by presenting it attractively so that the client could better understand the nature of the design work. We improved the client's path, which will result in filling in an interactive form. Finally, a modern website was created.



The backend to the website was built in Python/Django using Wagtail framework as CMS. The frontend was built using HTML/CSS/javascript technology.



Testing of the new Milo website began with the preparation of a scenario of test cases, based on a mockup created by the Design team and functional guidelines. We performed functional, smoke, exploitation, regression, acceptance, and retesting tests. Individual cases were updated as changes were introduced to the project.



The website was published after extensive testing. All the problems diagnosed by the QA department are systematically fixed by the Web department on the frontend side and by the Marketing department for SEO. Additionally, new content is constantly added to the site regarding new projects created by the Milo team.


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