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Milo Team

Milo Team


- It feels like they’re a part of our company - says Jamie Jacobs, CEO of KFM 24/7 Ltd., one of our most loyal clients. This is just an excerpt from an opinion that was posted on Clutch.

In this article:

Beginnings with KFM

May 2018 is an important date in the history of Milo Solutions. It was then that we started working on a project under the banner of "KFM 24/7", i.e. an application in both mobile and desktop versions, the main idea of which is to handle service requests. The beginnings were not simple at all, though.

- Before we started working on the whole project, we had a conversation with the client six months before. The first interview was conducted by Kacper, the second one was supposed to be with me, but for some reason, I couldn't attend it and our Senior Web Developer did. On the occasion of the next call, the client said: "First I talked to Kacper, then to some Matthew, and now to you, I don't think I want to work with you anymore" and hung up... It was my first meeting with a client - recalls Michał Zyndul, Project Manager in the KFM project.

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As it turned out, these were bad beginnings of good cooperation, and Milo was given some really challenging tasks:

  • Available in a web and mobile version.
  • Can be used in various industries.
  • Quick and easy reporting and sending notifications.
  • Allows for halving the time of processing requests.
  • Compatible with many platforms.

All the assumptions were met by porting the application to the Django (Python) framework in the web version and writing a mobile application in JavaScript - React Native. We also created newsletter templates that were used to communicate with the client.

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Milo’s involvement

- I would need 30% more staff to be able to do the work that our new system does. It’s saved me a tremendous amount of money. During COVID-19 there were three months where were shut down, and they kept our project going; they were an incredible partner through times when it was tough for us, and I’d never want to lose Kacper and his team. - convinces Jacobs.

Milo and project management

KFM's CEO emphasized how much confidence he has in our team. - We have regular meetings set up, and they’re always two steps ahead with ideas. We have a shared spreadsheet and I’ll typically give them the green light to move forward with what they come up with.

Such words are really uplifting. Anyway, you can read the whole opinion about our cooperation on Clutch.

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